Sunday, February 22, 2009

M.A.C. Haul

So since I lost all my brushes (yeah, still can't find them). I decided to do a pretend MAC haul and see what the damage would be. It's BAD. I'm so lucky that it's dark right now and I can't find my purse because my credit card would be abused. Without any shadows, pigments, paint pots, or anything extraordinary, including pro discount it comes to :drum roll: $370. Hmph. I need a job. SOON.

Makeup Remover
Brush Cleaner
Eye Kohl
Penultimate Liner
Plush Lash
Brow Set and Pencil
Studio Fix
Studio Sculpt
HK Beauty Powder
$370 :/

I'm sad. Anyone want to sponsor my haul ;) ;)