Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Exes and Ohs

Ever wonder why exes randomly pop back into your lives, and then tell you that YOU are a bad person for not wanting to speak to them again.. Riiiiiight. HE is texting me and telling me how he misses the nights we had, blah blah blah.. and when I tell him that this isn't a conversation I'd like to have, and that he should go back to living life without interacting with me, I'M THE BAD GUY?! Idiot.

Not to judge, but he is now engaged to a girl he's known for about a month. She is 19, still a virgin, they don't kiss or anything (Uhm, is she a Duggar?!) Apparently she thinks that he is pure. Sorry to break it to ya honey, but he's definitely not.

Oh man. What a night.

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