Friday, January 30, 2009

STD's sent out!

I just dropped my STD's in the outbox :) No turning back now!

I ordered them from vistaprint and paid mayyyybe $10 for 100 of them (upload fee and shipping)

Hope and cupcakes.

I went to yet another interview today.. It actually went really well! I was one of 6 chosen out of 400 for the position! I've also been the first he's given the next step to (background check and drug test). It's retail, but its also working with animals :) I'd probably be making around $10-12/hour, but really that's better than sitting at home! I can start to whittle down the credit card bills and maybe we can actually afford our wedding LOL. Well.. I just took the drug test (nothing to worry about there) and I have to wait until Friday to hear the final decision. SEVEN DAYS. Ugh.. Well, he also said that if I don't get THIS particular position that he will input me as a Sales Associate (prob $8-9/hr) which again is better than nothing!

I'll be off to Michael's in about an hour to grab some supplies to make my cupcake tower! I'm so excited for this project. Once this is done, I can figure out if I'll be able to just make my own cupcakes. I know its a big feat to take on, but I make cupcakes twice a week for our apartment building.. and I made 55 for my e-party last weekend in about 30mins! I think I'll be fine making 100 of them, as long as I have the tower to put them on. I went to two cake tastings last week and I was not impressed. One was very affordable, but dry and the other was moist and great, but 2.5X's the price! Mike said he likes my cupcakes more than either of the places anyway and I can make them for a fraction of the price. Thank jeebus my ceremony isn't until 6:30pm! I'll be up all night the day before getting these cupcakes done, and then up early to ice them at the venue. I think it'll turn out fine. I'm confident in my skills :) Well, I'll post pictures of the tower once its done. Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DIY Letters

I finished my "I Do", "Mr. and Mrs." and "Last name" letters last week! I've been so busy with caterer and cake tastings that I haven't had a second to update! Well.. here they are!

I bought the letters at Michael's for about $1.99 a piece (Hello coupons!).

Laid out newspaper and letters. Painted all sides of the letters with a black acrylic paint and let dry. Once the paint was dry, I filled a baking tin with wax paper and poured "crystal" colored glitter in it. I shifted the glitter in order to cover the entire surface area of the pan. I then used a sponge brush to paint Elmer's glue onto the letters and dipped them into the glitter pan. Let dry and you're done! You can do the other side of the letters, I just decided not to because the glitter would pull on the table overlays. of the many DIY projects to come. Coming this weekend - cardbox, toss bouquet and cupcake tower!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Still searching..

Still on the hunt for a job :/ At this point I don't even care if I'm working retail at $8/hr! FI is paying my half of the shared bills, so all I have to worry about are my personal bills (car payment, insurance, phone). It makes it easier on me, and I know we have bills paid off until March.. but it's still nerve wrecking!

In my down time, I've started fixing up the apartment and some
DIY projects. I got all of our letters painted, glittered and wrapped up yesterday. I'll post some pictures in a few. I have a bridal show on Sunday, so I'm hoping to find a DJ and maybe a caterer. We also have an appointment for a tasting on the 25th. Once these two vendors are booked, I'll feel accomplished. We've been slacking on the wedding planning lately and I was afraid we were going to have to push the date back because of the unemployed situation :(

FI's boss' boss is working on getting him a $2 raise, which would be flippin sweet! We are going car shopping in the next two weeks to see if we can down-grade his car. It is 2 years older than mine, has a shit ton of miles and he pays $50 more a month than I do on my '07 that I bought brand new! If we can trade his car in for something worth around $5-6k, his car payments would go down immensely.

I hope a job
opportunity comes soon.. I might have to resort to selling myself ;)

Monday, January 5, 2009

New blog, New city, New life!

I'm a 22, almost 23 year old woman in a little girl's body. The love of my life and I are getting married this Halloween :) I recently (and by recently, I mean LAST WEEK) moved to Melbourne, FL from Ft. Lauderdale and it's a HUGE change. I'm a bride on a tight budget, and on the hunt for a job! I promise to keep up on this blog, and document my job hunt experience and wedding planning on a budget! Lots of DIY projects to come!