Saturday, January 17, 2009

Still searching..

Still on the hunt for a job :/ At this point I don't even care if I'm working retail at $8/hr! FI is paying my half of the shared bills, so all I have to worry about are my personal bills (car payment, insurance, phone). It makes it easier on me, and I know we have bills paid off until March.. but it's still nerve wrecking!

In my down time, I've started fixing up the apartment and some
DIY projects. I got all of our letters painted, glittered and wrapped up yesterday. I'll post some pictures in a few. I have a bridal show on Sunday, so I'm hoping to find a DJ and maybe a caterer. We also have an appointment for a tasting on the 25th. Once these two vendors are booked, I'll feel accomplished. We've been slacking on the wedding planning lately and I was afraid we were going to have to push the date back because of the unemployed situation :(

FI's boss' boss is working on getting him a $2 raise, which would be flippin sweet! We are going car shopping in the next two weeks to see if we can down-grade his car. It is 2 years older than mine, has a shit ton of miles and he pays $50 more a month than I do on my '07 that I bought brand new! If we can trade his car in for something worth around $5-6k, his car payments would go down immensely.

I hope a job
opportunity comes soon.. I might have to resort to selling myself ;)

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