Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I got a job!

I started last Friday and haven't really had a sec to post. It's an adorable little coffee shop on the beachside of town. It's not much $, but it helps. The tips I get supplement the crappy wage. I work on shifts alone, so all those tips are mine!!! I'm full time, so it helps Mike pay the bills. That's all I was really worried about, covering my own bills so he didn't have to. I'll be making enough to pay my own bills AND help pay off our credit cards. I make about $15-20 in tips daily, so that goes straight into savings. That's an extra ~$400 a month into the wedding fund, and we have 8 months left so $1200 by wedding day :) That's about the price of catering. I'm so stoked.

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